Stress relief with Exercise


Stress relief with Exercise

“study how to preserve your bodies in life and health and you will be able to control your minds”- Brigham Young(1801 -1877)

Here are great reasons how and why exercise helps us feel better when it seems the world is crumbling right before us…..  

1. Makes you feel less anxious — Stress can make you feel anxious, and studies show that people feel less jittery and hyperactive following exercise.
2. Relaxes You — One exercise session generates between 90 and 120 minutes of relaxation response. This post-exercise euphoria improves your mood and leaves you feeling relaxed.
3. Increases alertness — Studies have shown that when large muscle groups repeatedly contract and relax as in yoga, the brain receives a signal to release specific neurotransmitters, which in turn make you feel relaxed and more alert.
4. Makes you feel better about yourself — Think about it… when you look better,  you will feel better about yourself. That feeling of self-worth contributes to stress relief.
5. Reduces depression — Some researchers believe exercise can be more effective than medication for treating depression in some people.
6. Helps you sleep more restfully — Stress can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep, but studies show that people who exercise regularly sleep better than those who don’t.
7. Increase energy — Stress can leave you tired and weary, but even a 10-minute walk can go a long way to upping your energy level. And the old adage is true – the more energy you use, the more you seem to have.
8. Rids the body of stress-causing adrenaline and other hormones — Vigorous activities such as indoor cycling and sports such as basketball are particularly effective.
9. Encourages a healthier diet — People who exercise regularly tend to eat more nutritious food. And it’s no secret that good nutrition helps your body manage stress better.
10. Helps you take care of yourself — exercise alone or with a friend, it’s important to take time for yourself during stressful periods.`-Published by David Stempler
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Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom” Jim Rohn
First published in 2007

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