BSX Wearables can’t read minds…


BSX Wearables can’t read minds…

BSX Wearable Technology

Measuring lactate threshold has been around for years now and is nothing new. I remember studying the topic in graduate school in 2007. Basically, lactate is a chemical by -product of aerobic exercise. It’s simple…the harder you train aerobically the more lactate you produce and once the threshold has been reached performance is decreased. The body runs out of options to convert lactate into reusable energy and will shut down all exercise bio systems.

The good news: unlike ATP(energy currency =muscles-shorts bursts exercises) stores which are depleted after all out efforts in about 10 seconds (think of sprinting), lactate threshold (upper oxygen -lungs long output exercise)can be maintained for about 45 -60 minutes before reaching Deacon 1(what kid didn’t like War-games growing up?).
Training near Defcon 1 can only last for so long, before aerobic activity has been compromised. When this occurs oxygen and lungs are out and now ATP stores and your muscles are in anaerobically. This can only last for so long before the missiles are fired and your body waves the flag. I guess having a President Trump, War has percolated into my conscious mind…yikes!

BSX founder Matt Fitzgerald claims that wearing his calf monitor can improve performance by reading blood variances of lactate and lets you know when you have reached your optimal training zone (lactate threshold)…yeah about that….sounds good on paper but there is an important missing link here…The Mind!
Lactate levels don’t mean much if your mind gives up before lactate threshold…I see it all time, the mind gives up before the body and as of yet…there are no tests to date that will significantly monitor brain activity, neurotransmitters and hormones to determine mood and motivation. At least, not in a practical matter (fitness wearables), opposed to a lab.

Not saying BSX wearable tech is not a good start but it is hardly the end of the story when scoping out training zones. Clearing the mind and mentally getting in the zone and staying in zone should always be on all athletes and coaches minds. Self-doubt, crippling fear, break-ups, loss of loved ones, loss of interest, poor sleeping patterns, anxiety etc… There may be a bigger reason why someone can’t seem to get to next level and could have nothing to with lactate threshold.

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